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Enjay Converters Manufactures a Complete Line of Laminated and Wrapped Cake Circles and Sheets. Complimenting this Board/Circle Line is our Full Range of Plain and Decorated Window and Non-Window Cake, Pastry and Cupcake Boxes.

Our Line of Products is ideal for Retail, Wholesale, Processor and In-Store Bakery Programs. Regardless of your Application, we have a Packaging Concept Designed to Fit Your Needs.

The Enjay Line Addresses the Four Primary Concerns of other Bakery Board Lines:

  • Eliminate the raw corrugated edges and ribbing on the board's top
  • Provide a superior strength in larger sheet sizes, while eliminating warping
  • Provide a user-friendly, attractive board that "showcases" the cake
  • Provide a superior, moisture and grease resistant product
Cake Boards Tired of that
"Cookie Cutter" or
"Club Store" look?

Designed to Provide Solutions for Unique Applications and Sizing Problems. We can Shape and Decorate Bakery Boards to your Specifications, from 3" to 26" in Diameter. We can also size our Boards to Fit your Automated Production Equipment and Existing Containers.

Edge Vantage Bakery Boards are Available throughout North America from Quality Bakery and Paper Distributors.